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Core 'Security Mailing List'


Name: Core 'Security Mailing List'
Paternity: Neil Gorsuch
Propriety: Neil Gorsuch (23 June 1990 - 12 November 1991)
Spatiality: Uninet, Custom Product Design (Santa Ana, California, USA); ARPANET; UUCP
Temporality: 23 June 1990 - 12 November 1991
Artifacts: Archives (complete)


The Core 'Security Mailing List' spun off from the Zardoz 'Security Digest', with first record of V1 #1 (23rd June 1990), and last issue on record is V1 #22 (12th November 1991). It also originated from uucp node 'zardoz' and was administered by Neil Gorsuch. It seems to have aimed for a more controlled and exclusive audience (perhaps, as a result of significant leakage of Zardoz).


'Archive' (1990 - 1991, 22 items):
1990-06-23Core 'Security Digest' V1 #1
1990-05-17Core 'Security Digest' V1 #2
1990-07-02Core 'Security Digest' V1 #3
1990-07-17Core 'Security Digest' V1 #4
1990-09-10Core 'Security Digest' V1 #5
1990-12-06Core 'Security Digest' V1 #6
1990-12-15Core 'Security Digest' V1 #7
1990-12-21Core 'Security Digest' V1 #8
1991-01-08Core 'Security Digest' V1 #9
1991-02-05Core 'Security Digest' V1 #10
1991-02-10Core 'Security Digest' V1 #11
1991-02-28Core 'Security Digest' V1 #12
1991-03-05Core 'Security Digest' V1 #13
1991-03-05Core 'Security Digest' V1 #14
1991-04-01Core 'Security Digest' V1 #15
1991-05-10Core 'Security Digest' V1 #16
1991-05-16Core 'Security Digest' V1 #17
1991-05-31Core 'Security Digest' V1 #18
1991-06-22Core 'Security Digest' V1 #19
1991-09-12Core 'Security Digest' V1 #20
1991-10-01Core 'Security Digest' V1 #21
1991-11-12Core 'Security Digest' V1 #22