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DOCUMENT: phage #014 [Re: Yet more on the virus] (1 message, 1016 bytes)
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From: Edward Vielmetti <>
To: [not phage]
Date: Thu 21:26:53 03/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: Yet more on the virus
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Matt, could you put your sendmail trap somewhere that I
can get at it?  umix has been de-loused but it's still
under attack, and I can see most of the attacks except the
ones via e-mail.  I don't think we've been hit by finger yet,
because fingerd dumped core on at least one of the machines here.

I'm going to be at the Merit Network Operations Center,   
aka the NSFnet network operation center, phone
1-800-66-MERIT, in a few minutes.  There's enough phone
lines and people there to handle more than a few questions
at once.  I've had a few calls already from (from westnet-east
and from westnet-west) and I haven't been able to give a
complete full satisfactory answer.  Help me out.
Edward Vielmetti, U of Michigan computing center mail group