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From: [email protected] (Brian Kantor)
To: phage
Date: Fri 10:11:13 04/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: External Exposure of our problem
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I am told by our local Milnet person that the DCA/DDN has shut down the
mailbridges (nee' core gateways) between Milnet and the rest of the
world until they feel better about it.  Pinging an arpanet host from
milnet fails, as does a milnet host from arpanet (we've machines on both
networks here).

Apparently there is a tiny bit of evidence that the origin was on the
Arpanet side of the mailbridges, but I've heard no more than that.  That
could mean just that it wasn't from a Milnet host, which probably doesn't
surprise anyone....

As for external exposure, we had the AP, Chronicle newspaper, and a local
all-news radio station call for telephone interviews, and one of the
local TV stations did a live remote from outside the computer room - must
have been a slow day for local news.  The boss looks pretty good on TV
(I had gone home to get some sleep before the cameras arrived!).  Pity
they couldn't have spelled his name right on the super'd titles.

CNN carried the story, with pictures of IBM PCs.  Sigh.  Well, anyone
who'd piss color all over Casablanca can't be expected to have much
taste in computers either.
	- Brian