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DOCUMENT: phage #028 [Re: External Exposure of our problem] (1 message, 532 bytes)
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From: Greg Skinner <>
To: phage
Date: Fri 11:42:34 04/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: External Exposure of our problem
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CBS had a fairly lengthy report of the virus.  Ralph Gorin was interviewed
by a CBS commentator.  He identified some of the sites that had been hit
by the virus, and that Berkeley Unix was the "piece of software infected by
the virus."

I believe Jeff Schiller from MIT was interviewed as well, although it might
have been on ABC.

Aside from this list, I still have not heard much about the virus or its
ramifications.  I also seem to be having problems getting through, because
I have not seen my message returned to me or any replies.