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DOCUMENT: phage #043 [Re: External Exposure of our problem] (1 message, 741 bytes)
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From: (Bob Sutterfield)
To: phage
Date: Fri 17:18:51 04/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: External Exposure of our problem
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I've spent the afternoon being interviewed - the campus radio station
and newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, and
probably more that I've forgotten.  Everyone gets his 15 minutes of
fame, right? :-) Most of the system administrators on campus, having
heard about this in the media rather than the local newsgroups which
they should have been reading, are in various degrees of panic when
they ring my phone.  And I haven't done anything to help stop the
thing, nor (apparently) was OSU even affected!

This is a jolly good time for a massive public education effort.
"...And just what is a workstation, Mr. Sutterfield, and why would
some `bored grad student' [from the news wire] from somewhere want to
infect yours?"

Karl sure picked a fine time to leave town for a long weekend :-) --Bob