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DOCUMENT: phage #045 [Re: External Exposure of our problem] (1 message, 818 bytes)
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From: (Clyde T. Poole)
To: phage
Date: Fri 18:07:19 04/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: External Exposure of our problem
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   Posted-Date: Fri, 4 Nov 88 17:18:51 EST
   Date: Fri, 4 Nov 88 17:18:51 EST
   From: (Bob Sutterfield)

> I've spent the afternoon being interviewed - the campus radio station
> and newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, and
> probably more that I've forgotten.  Everyone gets his 15 minutes of
> fame, right? :-)

Me too, I have been interviewed by two newspapers and a television station.
In an attempt to head more such interviews off, I called the University
Information Office and gave them a short press release that was calm and
considered.  That got me interviewed by the Information Office because
they saw "publicity" for the University written all over the story.
They seemed to have gotten their press release out fast because within
30 minutes the local newspaper called to try to fill in even more details

I guess I'm going to be famous too, since they all asked for the correct
spelling of my name. :-)

Clyde T. Poole -- Technical Coordinator, Facilities and Equipment
      "Life is a bitch ... and then you die"