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DOCUMENT: phage #056 [External exposure of our problem (CBS -- ARGHHH!)] (1 message, 925 bytes)
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From: [email protected] (Barry Shein)
To: phage
Date: Sat 16:25:50 05/11/1988 EST
Subject: External exposure of our problem (CBS -- ARGHHH!)
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Many of you might be familiar with CBS's utterly irresponsible
coverage of the Hacker's Convention in Saratoga, CA a few weeks ago
calling the attendees criminals etc (complete transcripts available on
request.) Some of the "criminals" were folks like Gordon French,
Stephan Wolfram, Ted Nelson, Jim Blinn, Dick Greenblatt, etc etc,
yours truly and quite a few on this list also were there.

I would urge you to be *very* careful talking to CBS, they took
statements and turned them around 180 degrees, blatant lies,
statements out of context or made to look like they were referring to
things they weren't by vicious editing, it made our jaws drop at its
recklessness when we saw it.

No joke, someone over at CBS is nuts.

To even this out, I did an interview with the Middlesex News (I guess
it's a pretty widely read newspaper in the Mass hi-tech belt, kind of
like the San Jose Mercury is to Silicon Valley) and Sharon Machlis did
an *excellent* job of reporting what I told her even though it was
clear at the time she was straining to comprehend what I was talking
about (we spent some time going over it.) She and her paper have my

	-Barry Shein, ||Encore||