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DOCUMENT: phage #062 [Re: Disassembled virus?] (1 message, 549 bytes)
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From: [email protected] (Rich Kulawiec)
To: phage
Date: Sat 20:07:08 05/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: Disassembled virus?
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>>	4. it was not supposed to get as far as it did, but it escaped and went wild
>>	   because of bugs.

I tend to concur; it looks as if this program was intended to propagate
itself, but (1) not at the rate at which it did [in fact, its high speed
led to its detection; if it had proceeded slowly, it might not have aroused
suspicion for some time, and (2) it wasn't finished.  The code shows signs
of ongoing, incomplete development.  Perhaps we were all lucky that it
"escaped" before it was finished and released.