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To: phage
Date: Sat 20:46:59 05/11/1988 EST
Subject: Ongoing Media Coverage: NBC Nightly News
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Robert Morris, Jr. (not Morse as I reported earlier; I gotta use those
Q-tips more often).

NBC said that Morris had worked at AT&T Bell Labs, where an operating
system named "UNIX" is developed - and that the bug was in "version
5.2", similar to what West German "hackers" has exploited earlier this
year, but "not all systems have fixed the bug". I'm amused. I bet AT&T
won't be.

The elder Morris was identified as working at the "super secret" NSA
NCSC, and as the author of the "red book" of government computer
security standards. He was interviewed, and he said that he has spoken
to his son, and that he recommended that his son get "legal

I wonder what CBS will say in 30 minutes?

	Erik E. Fair	apple!fair