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DOCUMENT: phage #064 [List of passwords tried by worm/virus] (1 message, 2517 bytes)
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From: (Rich Kulawiec)
To: phage
Date: Sat 20:53:19 05/11/1988 EST
Subject: List of passwords tried by worm/virus
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Enclosed is a list of the passwords that is encoded into the virus/worm;
apparently it tries these, working under the assumption that these are
fairly commonly used.  Lew Doll of our staff found the list; a simple
way to recreate is to strip the high-order bit from each byte of the
executable, and then use "od -c", or "strings", or whatever you
like to search for the list.  They're in alphabetical order, and the
first one is "aaa".  [ I don't know if anyone else working elsewhere
found these independently. ]

If any account at your site uses one of these passwords, and the virus
progressed to the stage where it tried these, you may want to change
the password on that account.  (Heck, you may want to change it anyway.)


aaa	      cornelius	    guntis	  noxious	simon
academia      couscous	    hacker	  nutrition	simple
aerobics      creation	    hamlet	  nyquist	singer
airplane      creosote	    handily	  oceanography	single
albany	      cretin	    happening	  ocelot	smile
albatross     daemon	    harmony	  olivetti	smiles
albert	      dancer	    harold	  olivia	smooch
alex	      daniel	    harvey	  oracle	smother
alexander     danny	    hebrides	  orca		snatch
algebra	      dave	    heinlein	  orwell	snoopy
aliases	      december	    hello	  osiris	soap
alphabet      defoe	    help	  outlaw	socrates
ama	      deluge	    herbert	  oxford	sossina
amorphous     desperate	    hiawatha	  pacific	sparrows
analog	      develop	    hibernia	  painless	spit
anchor	      dieter	    honey	  pakistan	spring
andromache    digital	    horse	  pam		springer
animals	      discovery	    horus	  papers	squires
answer	      disney	    hutchins	  password	strangle
anthropogenic dog	    imbroglio	  patricia	stratford
anvils	      drought	    imperial	  penguin	stuttgart
anything      duncan	    include	  peoria	subway
aria	      eager	    ingres	  percolate	success
ariadne	      easier	    inna	  persimmon	summer
arrow	      edges	    innocuous	  persona	super
arthur	      edinburgh	    irishman	  pete		superstage
athena	      edwin	    isis	  peter		support
atmosphere    edwina	    japan	  philip	supported
aztecs	      egghead	    jessica	  phoenix	surfer
azure	      eiderdown	    jester	  pierre	suzanne
bacchus	      eileen	    jixian	  pizza		swearer
bailey	      einstein	    johnny	  plover	symmetry
banana	      elephant	    joseph	  plymouth	tangerine
bananas	      elizabeth	    joshua	  polynomial	tape
bandit	      ellen	    judith	  pondering	target
banks	      emerald	    juggle	  pork		tarragon
barber	      engine	    julia	  poster	taylor
baritone      engineer	    kathleen	  praise	telephone
bass	      enterprise    kermit	  precious	temptation
bassoon	      enzyme	    kernel	  prelude	thailand
batman	      ersatz	    kirkland	  prince	tiger
beater	      establish	    knight	  princeton	toggle
beauty	      estate	    ladle	  protect	tomato
beethoven     euclid	    lambda	  protozoa	topography
beloved	      evelyn	    lamination	  pumpkin	tortoise
benz	      extension	    larkin	  puneet	toyota
beowulf	      fairway	    larry	  puppet	trails
berkeley      felicia	    lazarus	  rabbit	trivial
berliner      fender	    lebesgue	  rachmaninoff	trombone
beryl	      fermat	    lee		  rainbow	tubas
beverly	      fidelity	    leland	  raindrop	tuttle
bicameral     finite	    leroy	  raleigh	umesh
bob	      fishers	    lewis	  random	unhappy
brenda	      flakes	    light	  rascal	unicorn
brian	      float	    lisa	  really	unknown
bridget	      flower	    louis	  rebecca	urchin
broadway      flowers	    lynne	  remote	utility
bumbling      foolproof	    macintosh	  rick		vasant
burgess	      football	    mack	  ripple	vertigo
campanile     foresight	    maggot	  robotics	vicky
cantor	      format	    magic	  rochester	village
cardinal      forsythe	    malcolm	  rolex		virginia
carmen	      fourier	    mark	  romano	warren
carolina      fred	    markus	  ronald	water
caroline      friend	    marty	  rosebud	weenie
cascades      frighten	    marvin	  rosemary	whatnot
castle	      fun	    master	  roses		whiting
cat	      fungible	    maurice	  ruben		whitney
cayuga	      gabriel	    mellon	  rules		will
celtics	      gardner	    merlin	  ruth		william
cerulean      garfield	    mets	  sal		williamsburg
change	      gauss	    michael	  saxon		willie
charles	      george	    michelle	  scamper	winston
charming      gertrude	    mike	  scheme	wisconsin
charon	      ginger	    minimum	  scott		wizard
chester	      glacier	    minsky	  scotty	wombat
cigar	      gnu	    moguls	  secret	woodwind
classic	      golfer	    moose	  sensor	wormwood
clusters      gorgeous	    morley	  serenity	yacov
coffee	      gorges	    mozart	  sharks	yang
coke	      gosling	    nancy	  sharon	yellowstone
collins	      gouge	    napoleon	  sheffield	yosemite
commrades     graham	    nepenthe	  sheldon	zap
computer      gryphon	    ness	  shiva		zimmerman
condo	      guest	    network	  shivers
cookie	      guitar	    newton	  shuttle
cooper	      gumption	    next	  signature