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DOCUMENT: phage #065 [Re: What is everyone doing?] (1 message, 1239 bytes)
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From: David Herron E-Mail Hack <>
To: phage
Date: Sat 20:34:40 05/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: What is everyone doing?
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In answer to your question, I am slightly embarrassed to say -- "Nothing".

First it hasn't really been necessary because we haven't been hit
here.  Which probably isn't too surprising.  The only two machines
here which should be in other sites' /etc/hosts files are "e" and "g",
both of which run MMDF which is not susceptible to the virus.  (No
DEBUG command).

Second I *did* start to install the fresh copies of ftpd & fingerd,
but was stopped by one of the people in my group.  This guy is in
charge of the operating systems whereas I am in charge of communications.
He has had a history of not wanting to do work, not wanting to pay
any attention to things done by people other than himself, and not
wanting to make changes to software distributions that we are running.
He did not want to believe there was a problem, that I was making too
much of it.  I started to install the sources and he got into a
threatening mode, I've since threatened to quit if he wouldn't stop
interefering with my business and this is still being negotiated.

Third I notified the other people on our campus.  We have a mailing
list for the local networking people and I was repeating summaries
of what I learned in "phage" to them, and was also saving all the
messages from "phage" in a publicly readable file so that they could
read for themselves what was going on.

I am not happy at the moment, at least about point two.  My team
did do well at the regional programming contest this weekend,
so I'm happy about that :-).  (We got 7th place ...)

It appears that I will prevail and be allowed to install this
fixed software, and such will be able to continue working here...
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