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DOCUMENT: phage #085 [sudduth's tcp-ip posting] (1 message, 903 bytes)
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From: Jon Rochlis <[email protected]>
To: phage
Date: Mon 01:42:19 07/11/1988 EST
Subject: sudduth's tcp-ip posting
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All the papers (NYT at least) seem to think that tcp-ip was an obscure
group to have posted the fixes to, which I find quite amusing.
Clearly the real problem with posting the fixes that the propagation
delay was too large.  Looking at how long it took to get to athena
(via mail, but nntp wasn't much better) shows three long delays (from
brown to csnet, csnet to sri-nic, and sri-nic to athena) ... so we
didn't see it until we woke up Saturday and by the time it had got to
sri-nic we had it all de-compiled.

Of course Keith's first posting about sendmail was only a few hours
after sudduth's warning ... but the fingerd bug would have been a win
to understand that early in the game.

		-- Jon

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