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DOCUMENT: phage #097 [Re: spaf's (and other's) comments] (1 message, 628 bytes)
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From: trinkle
To: phage
Date: Mon 10:18:11 07/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: spaf's (and other's) comments
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     When I read the quote from Robert Morris, Sr. in the paper, I
assumed it was in the context of a reporter asking "Why do you thing
the person did this?"  I was asked this question several times and
basically agree with Mr. Morris' answer.  I don't think this
necessarily implies an attitude of complacency on his part.  It was
possibly said before he knew that his son was implicated, but I don't
think it really matters.

     Having first hand knowledge of the problem and seeing what is
reported by the press, I know not to take anything the press reports,
including direct quotes, at face value.

     All of us at Purdue know what Gene wants to do to the culprit
(:-)  We saw his quote in the local paper.  You did say that, right?