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DOCUMENT: phage #106 [Re: spaf's (and other's) comments] (1 message, 731 bytes)
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From: [email protected] (Bob Sutterfield)
To: phage
Date: Mon 11:28:11 07/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: spaf's (and other's) comments
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I also received a misattribution of the quotation I suspect you're
referring to - regarding disarming someone (to put it a bit more
nicely).  The local press here seems to be actively seeking not to
find any real information on the whole mess, and is working hard to
sensationalize it.  Unfortunately, the reporter didn't notice (or
didn't want to hear) that I said that the "disarming" bit was from
someone in the heat of the battle.

I am also not the type to condone violence.  But based on that line
from the campus newspaper, another local person called into question
my personal integrity vis-a-vis how I represent my Christian faith to
those around me - something like "don't you think you should turn the
other cheek, Bob?"

Karl and I are about to start on a letter to the editors of the local
papers.  I've never been this upset with their misrepresentations
before.  They've gone too far this time.			--Bob