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From: Gary J. Rosenblum <rosenblg@cmcl2.NYU.EDU>
To: phage
Date: Tue 14:04:41 08/11/1988 EST
Subject: New York Newsday
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	New York Newsday called me and the network administrator here, Bill
Russell, to do a story on the "virus".  So I quickly got out my handy-dandy
"Report on the Internet Worm" and explained to the nice fellow that what hit
us all was a worm, not a virus.  I also explained what machines it hit, how
it came in, different modes of attack, breaking into accounts via guessing
passwords, etc.  I also gave credit to the teams working on this at Berkeley,
MIT and Purdue.  Plus we tried to impress upon them that this was not a problem
with the Internet, but with the implementation of Unix.  And that
"The same Internet connectivity that helped the worm spread quickly also
helped the rest of us cooperate to extinguish it." (recognize this little
ditty of a phrase from the ROTIM :-)  )

	I gave them a lot of info from the "press release", and also said that
I personally believe that the fellow should be prosecuted.  If he's not, this
opens wide the door for others to try, and get LOTS of publicity.

	I think the writer (Bill Douglas) will write a fair and correct
article.  Let's hope so!


Gary J. Rosenblum
UNIX Systems Manager
New York University