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DOCUMENT: phage #173 [Re: A Worm Chronology, and some other info] (1 message, 821 bytes)
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From: Miek Rowan <>
To: phage
Date: Tue 17:12:44 08/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: A Worm Chronology, and some other info
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>  Nov 3, 9:20 PM:  Gene Spafford announces the creation of a mailing list,
>  	based at Purdue, devoted to spreading information about the worm.
>  	The first indication that the worm attacks passwords is seen, and
>  	the first worm "condom" (from others at Purdue) is distributed.
>  	This "condom" may or may not have been successful.  More or less
>  	simultaneously, people at Rochester Univ.  and MIT discover the
>  	actual finger hole and how it works.

Not to step on any toes - the important thing is that it is fixed,
but...  Mike Spitzer and I discovered the fingerd bug at about 6pm
EST  and forwarded the information to Gene Spafford and to Keith
Bostic (via George Goble) --  Why this didn't make it further I
don't know.  We knew that it would really help everyone involved to
know about it and thought we hit all the right channels.

The *real* reason we want credit is because of all the ridicule we get
for logging fingerd requests :-)  Us paranoid??  Nah....

Too bad this didn't get forwarded around at 6 like it should have.