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From: Pete Cottrell <[email protected]>
To: phage
Date: Wed 08:16:26 09/11/1988 EST
Subject: a question and some comments
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	Here's a question and some comments....

	Since the ftpd code has been posted, is it now 'public-domain'
and freely redistributal? Will UUNET have it for anonymous FTP? Can other
sites also do the same? I ask for several reasons. First, not everyone
saw the original posting(s) or gets news, so they may still be at risk.
Secondly, there are the folks who aren't part of the Internet who probably
wouldn't have seen it either. Now, these people are much less at risk,
but there could still be some chicanery on their local network. In addition,
folks without Sun source also face the second ftpd bug I posted 2 days ago;
using the Berkeley code would fix that. We are having our next Local Sun
User Group meeting tomorrow and I'd like to know just how available the
source can be made to these folks.
	With that out of the way, a comment about the media. They just
keep on coming! The Washington Post has the 'virus' (yes, yes, I know.
That's what *they* continue to call it) story on the front page for the
sixth straight day. You'd think the story was old by now, but the papers
keep calling. Amazing. The story has also moved to the Style section in the
Post, as they have done what others on this list did 2 days ago, namely,
they have written about the science-fiction books that deal with the 'killer
virus' theme. Computer science for the masses...
	Finally, here's a thought I made jokingly around here yesterday,
but which in retrospect seems more and more appropriate (to me, at least).
There is a lot of speculation about what kind of sentence the (alledged)
perpetrator might face when (and if) he is convicted. Many people favor
a stiff sentence. Others expect he'll get a slap on the wrist and then
probably be hired someplace. One common wrist-slapping in 'nuisance' cases
is for the guilty party to perform community service. If we had to settle
for this, then I'd like to see him sentenced to something like 3000 hours
of COBOL programming for non-profit organizations. That might give him his
fill, although it might not fly because of laws against cruel and inhumane