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DOCUMENT: phage #202 [Disassembled virus?] (1 message, 586 bytes)
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From: tower@bu-it.BU.EDU (Leonard H. Tower Jr.)
To: phage
Date: Wed 13:19:25 09/11/1988 EST
Subject: Disassembled virus?
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   Date: Mon, 7 Nov 88 15:19:39 EST
   From: (Karl Kleinpaste)

   The 20-year suggestion was just sort of thrown out there (by Paul? I
   dunno), which I took as a sample thought for punishment, without
   intent as a specific.  No, I don't want him put in prison for 20
   years.  Yes, I do want him punished considerably.  Hefty fines are
   fine with me; many long hours of community service are fine with me;
   almost anything is fine with me as long as it is decidedly


How about N years of community service finding and fixing security
holes in BSD and SysV Unix?

enjoy -len