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DOCUMENT: phage #211 [Re: Steps in the virus, as best we know them (and fixes)] (1 message, 795 bytes)
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From: (Jeff Smith)
To: phage
Date: Wed 18:09:08 09/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: Steps in the virus, as best we know them (and fixes)
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    6. I have applied "unas" to the virus vax.o file and will make it available
    for anonymous FTP on shortly; the file is about 400 kbytes,
    and will be called 'virus.dis'.  Just FTP in as anonymous/guest, and grab i
    if you'd like to go through it.  I have been doing this all night, but my

It's probably a moot point since I'm sure whoever wanted one already
has a copy of this, but we removed it today at the request of an
official of the National Computer Security Center (an arm of the NSA).

Apparently they are actively worried that some group of hackers will
get the code, modify it, and send it out again to exploit some new
hole.   They first called me since I'm listed as systems admin (who
knows where?), and when I didn't immediately agree to remove it (nor did
I disagree -- I said I'd talk to the person who put it there) they
contacted the president of Purdue University, who contacted the
Director of the computing center, who contacted my boss, etc.  You get
the idea.

Jeff Smith