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DOCUMENT: phage #218 [re: 6,000 sites (and census call)] (1 message, 697 bytes)
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From: Mark W. Eichin <[email protected]>
To: phage
Date: Wed 21:47:01 09/11/1988 EST
Subject: re: 6,000 sites (and census call)
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Sort of amusing, actually -- at the MIT press conference at 12noon 4
Nov 1988, VP for IS Jim Bruce said that 200 MIT machines out of 2000
got infected.  Extrapolating to the 60,000 on the connected Internet,
perhaps 6000 or 10% were infected. The number has stuck...

The New York Times reported the above *accurately*, ie. they explained
the derivation of the speculative number. I believe they were the only

Don't forget to send your reports (with times and addresses) to Cliff
Stoll, <[email protected]>.

Special note: If you are on a MILNET site, send your reports (with
times and internet addresses) to <[email protected]>, they are
collecting information about damage and time lost.

				Mark Eichin
			<[email protected]>
		SIPB Member & Project Athena ``Watchmaker''