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From: encore!pinocchio! (Barry Shein)
To: phage
Date: Thu 13:58:50 10/11/1988 EST
Subject: Late-breaking news
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Although it could be a goddamn nuisance to be honest I wouldn't curse
your name if you handed mine to the FBI as a phage list recipient. I'm
certainly not encouraging it, particularly on abstract grounds, but
I'd be more than shocked if A) anything particularly dastardly came of
it and B) I thought they couldn't build a similar list from other

I agree with right of privacy and all that stuff very strongly, I also
suspect the FBI (et al) are trying to put on a show that they're doing
*something* and are just as confused as the media reporters trying to
get a handle on what a good show would be ("ROUND UP THE USUAL

I've done nothing wrong by receiving mailings and trying to stay
informed and would be willing to chance saying that to whoever is
interested. It might be unpleasant if someone is trying to be
unpleasant or wasting my time, but I hardly expect you to go to
extreme ends to protect me from this.

I speak only for myself.

	-Barry Shein, ||Encore||