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From: mckay! (Dwight D. McKay)
To: phage
Date: Thu 18:31:36 10/11/1988 EST
Subject: NPR Computer Virus story...
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Did the rest of you hear the "cutesy" NPR story on the Internet Worm?
It aired this evening at about 6:20pm EST.

Although it was fairly acturate, they had "cute" "computer voices" to
dramatize the worm breaking into other computers.  It included sinister
laughter whenever the worm succeeded in breaking in.  Ick...

They covered the major breakin methods: sendmail, finger and the risks
involved with .rhosts after the worm had broken passwords.  It was probably
understandable by even my mother-in-law.  (My standard test for describing
computer issues :-)).

They had a recorded interview with Gene, which was worthwhile.

Best of all, they didn't seem to "sensationalize" the issue as we've seen

Now if they'd only skip the silly "voices"...

--ddm (at home, at work I'm