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From: Barry Shein <>
To: phage
Date: Thu 21:12:37 10/11/1988 EST
Subject: NPR spot on the virus...
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With our very own Gene Spafford.

This one was bizarre but actually very amusing, they did this
re-enactment of the virus breaking into computers played by various
computer-troid voices, a particularly evil one for the virus itself.
Oh, it was technically "ok" and had its flaws but the more I think
about it the more I liked it, it actually did give the basics.

(from memory, very roughly):


	Yes, Berkeley Computer, Login please.

	Oh, I don't want to login, I just want to give you some mail.

	Proceed with mail

	Transfer this program and run it in your memory (MOO-HA-HA!)

	You said DEBUG, I must do whatever you tell me...transferred.

You get the idea. If *ANYONE* has a tape of this broadcast I'd love a
copy, it should get a session at USENIX, I'm sure it would have the
crowd rolling in the aisles (perhaps just before the special spot
where the NSA announces from the podium that it's illegal to run

And Gene, well done (his was a serious interview covering the basics.)

	-Barry Shein