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From: spaf (Gene Spafford)
To: phage
Date: Thu 23:20:17 10/11/1988 EST
Subject: phage list on hiatus
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The phage list will now go on a temporary hiatus until I get some
other sites to handle some regional remailing.  It may also come
back as a digest to eliminate some of the noise.

Our local postmaster here objected to over 150 messages stuck in
the mailq, 3 constantly running sendmails, and 10Mb syslogs.
I don't blame him.

Continue to send your stuff to "phage" and I will send out the backlog
in a day or two when I get it all fixed up.

On another note, in response to mail I've gotten, I have not heard
my interview on NPR.  I tried to be as factual as possible and didn't
hear the "dramatization" they did with the funny voices.  I also
didn't ask (or even imply) that I should be introduced as a
"nationally known security expert."  I've done some work in that
area, but I don't think I'd call myself an expert.  At least you
guys know the difference, sort of.