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DOCUMENT: phage #243 [Re: A Worm Chronology, and some other info] (1 message, 811 bytes)
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From: "Martha S. Rose" <strata%[email protected]>
To: phage
Date: Thu 12:48:33 10/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: A Worm Chronology, and some other info
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A slight addendum to the history list, for which you can all pat yourselves
on the back, especially Chris Torek (thanks, Chris!):

Friday, Nov 4th, 4pm I sent a message suggesting that Ultrix might be immune,
at least some of the earlier releases such as we were running.

This was confirmed, with specific details and code excerpts, by Chris in only
slightly more than 24 hours, probably less considering the time it must have
taken to reach people (the silly msg didn't leave for almost
40 minutes, for instance).   My non-hacker bosses are amazed at how fast
this thing was nuked off of the net.  I really think that the article by
Markoff addresses a significant issue; the "real world" just doesn't
understand how "the net" works.  The ramifications of this should make
for interesting discussion once things quiet down (though they never do)...

MIT Center for Cognitive Science