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From: Dan Lynch <>
To: phage
Date: Thu 11:11:42 17/11/1988 EST
Subject: Virus session at Comdex
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Yesterday I attended a session on Viruses at Comdex.  It was played to
an overflow room (about 300 people) and consisted of about 6 people
on the panel who purported to tell people about how to live in a "virusey"
world.  It was a joke.  Most were "vendors" of viral medicines.  Their
ignorance of mechanisms was astounding.  And the level of questions
from the audience was even more sad.  I'm telling you al this so we
don't get smug with our ideas.  The great unwashed out there don't
even know how bad it could get.  They are being old a bil of goods that
say things like:  1)  Only buy from a known source; 2)  Run my nifty
code that checks your code before it runs; 3)  Lovk your machines up
at night so the cleaning crew doesn't put in a game floppy that infects
your hard disk...

There's a long way to go.