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From: Pete Cottrell <>
To: phage
Date: Fri 20:05:16 18/11/1988 EST
Subject: bugaboo
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	From: mckay! (Dwight D. McKay)
	Subject: bugaboo (just when you thought you'd seen everything)

	How soon before we can buy the "I survived the Virus" Tee-shirts? :-)

Things we joked about doing here at UMd, after the dust had settled:

* Worm-buster T-shirts ("I ain't afraid of no worm!") [20/20 hindsight]

* We talked to lots of media types, but so far we haven't seen anything in the
  tabloids. We thought it might be fun to call up 'Weekly World News' and feed
  them a story. I can see the headline now (choose your favorite).....

"{Space Aliens,Elvis,Two-Headed Grandmother} helped me Beat the Virus!!"

  (As I said, we joked about it, but I think that we should be glad we haven't
   seen anything like this yet; there's been enough disinformation written

	On another subject, while I have you all here...Everything in the
last week or so has been talk and speculation on the newspapers' part or
on the part of the people here on the net. I am sort of amazed by the lack of
official news. I saw the alleged perpetrator once on TV, but he has really
kept a low profile (can't say I blame him). Still, no statements from
lawyers, really nothing. As for the side of the law, my understanding is
that the FBI is handling things. We've heard about meetings between them
and some major sites, and seen the announcement of a mailing list on a
DDN computer to which you can send your name to be contacted. Other than
that, though, pretty much complete silence on all official fronts. Most
of the talk is going on here or on the tcp-ip and RISKS lists, which is
ok, as it is informative and thoughtful. But still, I thought we'd have
heard more hard facts by now...
I'd have heard more