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To: phage
Date: Sun 19:12:00 20/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: .forward vs aliases
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	From: der Mouse  <>
	Date: Sun, 20 Nov 88 02:03:34 EST
	Subject: .forward vs aliases

	> .forward should always override
	> (/usr/lib/upas/namefiles|/usr/lib/aliases) for real people
	> (non-system accounts).
	I disagree.  It is not the mailer's business to try to second-guess the
	mail admin.  For that matter, it's not the mailer's business to know
	who's a real person and who isn't.
	> what a person does with their own mail is their own business.
	Usually but not always.  Remember, the owners of the machine get first
	say, though they usually choose not to exercise this prerogative.  But
	that's all beside the point unless you want to hypothesize a mechanism
	by which the mailer can know what codes correspond to persons and what
	codes don't.
	Bottom line is: don't try to make the software second-guess the admin.
	If the admin chooses to provide a system alias for a real user, who are
	we to say we know better and refuse to listen to it?
	                                      der Mouse
	                      old: mcgill-vision!mouse

its not the mailer admin's business to second guess the user.  university of
michigan owns my machine, but i own my mail so i find your argument difficult
to accept.  i suppose it depends on whom you consider more important; the
users or the owners or the machines.  in my environment, one can argue that
the users at some level do own the machines and so must their wishes as to
where their mail ought to go.

i use a simple algorithm to discern real users from system entitites; sit down
first time i set up rewrite rules, and put in one line to reroute mail to any
accounts i know are system entitities.  rewrite rules have precedence over
.forward have precedence over system aliases with my mailer so i just insert:

^(uucp|daemon|sys|bin|sysdiag|news|ingres)$	alias	postmaster

in the rewrite rules and let .forward and alias files handle the rest.

this really is hair splitting because if a mail admin tried deciding what
i should do with my mail, i would find somewhere else to read my mail.