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From: ccicpg!zardoz! (Neil Gorsuch)
To: phage
Date: Wed 03:38:13 30/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: This group
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To join the zardoz security mailing list, send a request to or to !uunet!ccicpg!zardoz!security-request
from one of the following:

1.	For sites listed in the uucp maps, from account root or from
	one of the listed contact accounts.
2.	For commercial or educational sites listed in the MX tables,
	from account root.
3.	For other situations, special arrangements can be made.

Please specify the actual mailing list destination that you want.
I have no absolute rules on membership, but I am trying to limit
it to system administrators, system administrator maintained mailing
aliases, and user destinations that are not objectionable to their
local system administrators.  Many system administrators of systems not
listed in the maps have been added to the list.