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DOCUMENT: phage #310 [Re: Arpa/Mil mailbridge outage] (1 message, 1106 bytes)
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From: Werner Uhrig <>
To: phage
Date: Wed 17:08:09 30/11/1988 EST
Subject: Re: Arpa/Mil mailbridge outage
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> Here is what little information I have on the current Arpa/Milnet
> mailbridge outage:
> >
	< press release text deleted to reduce clutter >

> I have called the NIC and registered my complaint.
> 	Brian Kantor	UCSD Office of Academic Computing

  I also just called NIC at the 800-number and spoke to Nan Dorio,
  ( who was very unhappy, apparently because she

a) does not think there was a press release

b) she did not like that the 800-number was given out

c) she says the matter is serious and not something where
   NIC is interested in polling for user-feedback ...

The unfortunate thing is that the person at NIC who receives
messages posted to PHAGE ( and who might,
otherwise, have been able to respond with the view from NIC,
is on a trip and won't hear about it anytime soon.  Besides, Nan thinks
with the connection to NIC down, they don't receive the mail from PHAGE
in any case at the moment ...

So.... is there a press release or not?

Lets' help Nan and the NIC to stomp out mis-information, ok?
and let's get the real story ...

maybe the message Brian forwarded and which was label "PRESS ELEASE"
was just someone's "humourous" way of passing on a rumour ?!? maybe??
not funny - if not accompanied by a smiley .. (-:

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