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DOCUMENT: phage #316 [Re: Arpa/Mil mailbridge outage] (1 message, 998 bytes)
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From: Jon Rochlis <>
To: phage
Date: Fri 01:54:13 02/12/1988 EST
Subject: Re: Arpa/Mil mailbridge outage
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   From: Werner Uhrig <werner@RASCAL.ICS.UTEXAS.EDU>

     I also just called NIC at the 800-number and spoke to Nan Dorio,
     ( who was very unhappy, apparently because she

   a) does not think there was a press release

When John Markoff called me Wed afternoon he read me a "press
release" which said much the same thing as the one posted to phage, so
I'm pretty sure that somebody at the NOC made such a statement.
Whether or not they "should" have is a different matter.

   b) she did not like that the 800-number was given out

This is silly.  If you telnet to you'll find the 800 number
(posted to phage) in the greating message!

   *  -- DDN Network Information Center --
   *  For TAC news, type:                    TACNEWS <return>
   *  For user and host information, type:   WHOIS <return>
   *  For NIC information, type:             NIC <return>
   *  For user assistance call (800) 235-3155 or (415) 859-3695
   *  Report system problems to ACTION@SRI-NIC.ARPA or call (415) 859-5921

   c) she says the matter is serious and not something where
      NIC is interested in polling for user-feedback ...

This conflicts with other information I have.  It really does seem to
be the case that DCA was trying to gauge the impact of the shutdown
and recording user-complaints (from MILNET users) seems like exactly
what they were after.

		-- Jon