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DOCUMENT: phage #321 [2 rumors, a factoid, a suggestion, & a cheap attempt at humor] (1 message, 866 bytes)
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From: Gene Spafford <spaf>
To: phage
Date: Sun 20:57:42 04/12/1988 EST
Subject: 2 rumors, a factoid, a suggestion, & a cheap attempt at humor
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Two rumors from one of my sources in the press:
1) Indictments are possibly about to be handed down by the grand jury
in Syracuse hearing evidence in the RTM/worm case.
2) The Milnet break-ins last week may not have been simple
student hackers exploiting holes, but may instead have been
"more sinister acts."

For those of you wondering at the silence of the normally
quite-responsive Mike St. Johns over the last week, he just sent me
mail saying he had just returned from a 12-day vacation sailing.  He is
(obviously) concerned over the events, and will inform us of whatever
he is allowed to, I suspect.

A suggestion:
If RTM pleads guilty to doing the worm, ask your corporate/university
legal staff to begin civil proceedings to file a lien against RTM and
associated parties unknown against all current and future earnings
related to this incident, including but not limited to:  movie rights,
book rights, TV rights, and employment tendered as a result of his
actions in this matter.

A cheap attempt at humor:
Who has details on this CERT group?  Is Bostic a member?  If
so, is he a breath mint or a piece of candy?