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DOCUMENT: phage #323 [Re: FYI-- another sendmail nasty] (1 message, 650 bytes)
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From: Steve Dyer <>
To: phage
Date: Sun 21:08:52 04/12/1988 EST
Subject: Re: FYI-- another sendmail nasty
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On XENIX 386 running sendmail 5.54, I get the behavior you describe.

On the RT running 4.3 and the "latest" sendmail (5.59), I get
RCPT TO: </tmp/foo>
554 </tmp/foo>... Cannot mail directly to files
RCPT TO: </tmp/foo>
550 </tmp/foo>... Addressee unknown
Subsequent attempts during this connection continue to return
"addressee unknown" each time the same file is given.
This pattern is repeated for each new file attempted to mail to.

Inspecting the code, 5.59 sets QDONTSEND|QBADADDR in its address
lists, which explains the particular error message we get in 5.59,
whereas 5.54 only sets QDONTSEND.  (Apparently, QDONTSEND don't
mean "don't send"!  I haven't explore why.)