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From: Gene Spafford <spaf>
To: phage
Date: Tue 08:44:49 06/12/1988 EST
Subject: Appropriate matter for the list?
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Yesterday, I got mail from Robert Boyer ( intended
for the phage list.  In it, he claimed that instead of trying to
penalize the author of the Worm, we should give him some kind of
an award.

I replied that his submission was something I had explicitly said
I wasn't going to send to the list -- postings about how the
author had done us a favor, or that the author was some kind of
hero.  He replied that he thought it was appropriate in light
of my posting about filing a lien against the worm author.

Give me some feedback here.  You joined this list for a reason (or
many) -- should I post people's comments about whether the Worm was a
right thing to do?  (I'm under the impression, BTW, that the majority
of people on this list, and the majority of people who manage computer
systems, feel this is not so (i.e., they believe it was a wrong thing
to do) -- tell me if I am wrong in this belief.) Also, do you think it
was inappropriate for me to post about the idea of filing a lien?

In fact, what do you think *is* appropriate for this list?


PS.  If I am slow answering your mail, don't take it personally.
Since midnight, Nov. 2, I have received over 5520 mail messages.
That averages a little over 165 a day.  Yesterday I got 130, so
the flood hasn't abated just yet...:-)