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DOCUMENT: phage #340 [Re: FYI-- another sendmail nasty] (1 message, 780 bytes)
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From: gww@Sun.COM (Gary Winiger)
To: phage
Date: Tue 14:32:30 06/12/1988 EST
Subject: Re: FYI-- another sendmail nasty
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On SunOS 4.0 the following happens:
	Sendmail 4.0/SMI-4.0 ready at Tue, 6 Dec 88 10:56:02 PST
	mail from:<root>
	250 <root>... Sender ok
	rcpt to:</tmp/foo>
	554 </tmp/foo>... Cannot mail directly to files
	rcpt to:</tmp/foo>
	250 </tmp/foo>... Recipient ok
	354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
	hi there.
	221 seraglio. delivering mail
	Connection closed by foreign host.

However, the mail is not delivered to the file.  It is rejected with the
	From Mailer-Daemon@seraglio Tue Dec  6 11:02:26 1988
	Date: Tue, 6 Dec 88 10:59:21 PST
	From: Mailer-Daemon@seraglio (Mail Delivery Subsystem)
	Subject: Returned mail: Unable to deliver mail
	To: <root@seraglio>

	   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
   	554 </tmp/foo>... Possible alias loop
   	554 No valid recipients

   	   ----- Unsent message follows -----
      	Return-Path: <root>
      	Received: from localhost by seraglio. (4.0/SMI-4.0)
	id AA00439; Tue, 6 Dec 88 10:59:21 PST
	Date: Tue, 6 Dec 88 10:56:02 PST
	From: root (Operator)
	Message-Id: <8812061859.AA00439@seraglio.>
	Apparently-To: </tmp/foo>

	hi there.

Seems like a different fix with the same overall results.