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DOCUMENT: phage #345 [white-hats and worm code] (1 message, 731 bytes)
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From: der Mouse <mouse@Larry.McRCIM.McGill.EDU>
To: phage
Date: Wed 01:05:19 07/12/1988 EST
Subject: white-hats and worm code
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> On a different topic: we now know that many "cracker groups" have the
> source code to the Worm.  I'm sure a half dozen folks within ULowell
> already have access to the code.  It upsets me that I have to go to
> these groups to get the code rather than more legitimate channels.
> It should not be harder for people with white hats to get the code.

It bothers me too.  I was sort of idly planning to make a fuss about it
someday, but I have no reason for wanting it but curiosity, and Spaf's
report more-or-less satisfied that.  Reminds me of the US export
restrictions on technology - hurts the wrong people....

Anybody want me to (re)write it and post the code?  I don't for a
minute believe the crackers don't have code to the original program.
(Before everyone shouts me down: I probably won't actually do so.  But
it's tempting, I must admit.)

					der Mouse

			old: mcgill-vision!mouse