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To: phage
Date: Wed 09:43:05 08/02/1989 EST
Subject: Re: Immunity
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	 On page A2 of the 8 Feb. edition of the "Chronicle of Higher Education"
	 there is a story that claims tha Robert T. Morris has been granted
	 limited immunity by the Feds in return for cooperation in the
	 investigation of the Worm.

The same information, with a few more details, was in the N.Y. Times and
the AP wire last week.  In essence, it's correct; the local U.S. Attorney has
granted Morris limited immunity, to the great annoyance of the Justice
Department and the FBI.  They want to throw the book at Morris (i.e., a
felony charge); the prosecutor wants a misdemeanor charge because of
the difficulty in showing intent.  Morris's attorney refuses to discuss
the issue, beyond saying that Morris will not plead guilty to any
felony counts.  I've forgotten if he confirmed the limited immunity grant.

		--Steve Bellovin