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From: Eliot Lear <[email protected]>
To: phage
Date: Tue 04:19:28 16/05/1989 EST
Subject: Cliff Stoll on the Virus
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Cliff Stoll appeared in front of the Senate Judiciary committee yesterday
to testify on the Internet Worm incident.  Although it was carried on
CSPAN tonight, I tuned in late.  I was able to catch a few points, however.

[1] Vendor response was poor, and he was glad that he did not have rely
    on them solving the problem.

[2] He gave a description of the Greeting Card virus, comparing it to a
    ponzie scheme.

[3] He gave a fairly good layman's description of the worm, good enough
    that it appeared that Senator Leahy appeared to understand what had

[4] He also argued that viruses and worms are, at best, acts of vandalism,
    that no good could come out of such programs.

[5] He stated that the scientists stopped looking at the worm as
    interesting research topics just around the time that the bigwigs
    started severring connections between various networks.
Senator leahy asked if there was a fine line between computer vandals
and tomorrow's computer geniuses.  Stoll responded that there is a
vast world of things yet to be discovered for these young minds to
start with.

I missed most of the closing remarks, but from what I gather, Cliff
based the blame for such incidents on a lack of professional ethics in
this field.

The hearing will not be adjourned for another 3 months, for those
interested in getting their licks in.