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From: (Larry Little)
To: [not phage]
Date: Fri 12:12:07 04/11/1988 EST
Subject: Status Report
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After all the publicity the Lab got, it appears that none of TIS' machines
were affected, at least directly.  An indirect effect that we felt, caused
by Computations Department taking down Open LabNet, was our inability to send
em bidirectionally between our hosts in Pleasanton and our hosts in Livermore
(i.e., on our own TIS ethernets).  We hope to remedy this problem in the future.
And of course, we weren't able to get out over DDN. 

At this time Open LabNet is up, all our hosts are up, and (I believe)
we are able to send em between our TIS ethernets, and also to hosts on Open
LabNet.  The status of the Proteons that link the Lab to the outside world
is currently unknown.  (They were scheduled to come up this morning.  I called
EE to inquire about the status and no one there knew.) 

One remaining problem is the mail that was sent yesterday that is backed up in
the mailq on tis (our mail and news host, a Sun in Pleasanton).  There is a
ton of mail backed up there.  We will work on getting that out today.

If you find the situation different than I have described above, let me know.