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From: Gene Spafford <>
To: phage
Date: Tue 12:44:50 08/11/1988 EST
Subject: Abuse of the list
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Folks, this list has two basic topics right now: security and the ethics of
the worm problem.

As far as ethics goes, we should be setting an appropriate example.  There are
two issues here:

  1) Posting copyrighted material to this list.  This is strictly against the
     law without permission of the copyright holder.  If you want to excerpt a
     quote, that's permissible.  Otherwise, just give a reference to the date,
     paper, and issue.  Most of us have access to libraries and newsstands.

  2) Accusations.  Bear in mind that although there is very good evidence involved,
     Robert Morris, Jr. has yet to admit to this and he has not yet been convicted
     of any crime.  Your statements to this list may be printed off and distributed,
     and it would not be a "good thing" if you were quoted somewhere about
     stringing someone up.  A little caution will be helpful here.  Besides, I
     still have some doubts that it was just one person acting alone....

Anybody violating #1 will be removed from the list.  Anbody violating #2 is
doing so at their own risk, but it is their choice.