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From:      <[email protected]>   4-Jun-1987 22:30:31
To:        [email protected]
Science marches forward:

A piece of high-temperature superconductor would repel
all the tumblers.

A magnetic metal with a low (but above room temperature)
Curie point could be heated to above the Curie point,
inserted into the slot, and allowed to cool.  It would
then carry a "negative" field of the correct key.  You'd
have to reverse the polarity of each magnetized region.

Gee, what fun.
			Matt Crawford
From:      Chris Miller <chris%[email protected]>   11-Jun-1987 11:52:12
To:        [email protected]
References request :

I am currently researching a PhD in computer security at Heriot-Watt University,
Edinburgh,Scotland. My main topic is formal models and their representation
as logical rules in an expert system or logic database.

At this time I am still reviewing the literature in the field, and as such
I would be extremely grateful for any information/reference list or
conference proceedings that readers can recommend. 

Many thanks.

David J Ferbrache                   |                                       |
Heriot-watt university              | JANET : [email protected]            |
Dept of Computer Science            | UUCP  : [email protected]            |
79 Grassmarket                      | TELE  : (UK) 31-225-6465 ext 553      |
Edinburgh   EH1 2HJ                 |                                       |
Scotland.                           |                                       |

From:      [email protected] (C-234)  24-Jun-1987 15:47:24
To:        [email protected]
	I am looking for a copy of the source code (online) for a set of
security auditing programs as described and listed in the book "UNIX
SYSTEM SECURITY" by Wood and Kochan. Could you provide me with this software
or point me to who could? I would rather not type in 20 pages of code if
I could help it. Also if there are any other Unix security programs
which might be of interest, please let me know.
	Thanks for your time,
		Jim Kohl
		Mathematics and Computer Science Division
		Argonne National Laboratory
		([email protected])