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Recent site announcements:

June 2003: Restored the Phage List; analysed the TCP-IP List; expanded Zardoz resources.
December 2002: Unix 'Security Mailing List' completed, infrastructure updates, comprehensive notices.
September 2002: Search and Subscribe, further additions to 'Unix', 'Core' and 'Zardoz'.

Recent site changes:

2002-07-12: Initial version complete.
2002-08-06: Refactored into separate digests; added zardoz digest files; added core digest files.
2002-08-12: Added acknowledgments; added dialcom security discussion; added perlfect search & subscribe.
2002-09-15: Added feedback form; various infrastructure changes.
2002-09-17: Added more Unix, Zardoz, Core content. Added InfoHax digests.
2002-10-02: Added resources for Unix Security Mailing List.
2002-10-10: Refactoring, multi-format document viewer, additional Unix Security Mailing List content.
2002-11-01: Added site notices and changes, changed to stylesheets.
2002-12-12: Completed work for Unix Security Mailing List, and infrastructure re-organisation.
2003-02-01: Obtained and archived the TCP-IP mailing list.
2003-02-01: Obtained and archived the Phage List.
2003-02-01: Further material obtained for the Zardoz 'Security Digest'.

Future site changes:

Priority 1: Obtain and restore USENET/ARPANET newsgroups
Priority 1: Expand and document individual archives
Priority 1: Document overview of the era