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This is a manually created semi-periodic message about changes to:
        The 'Security Digest' Archives (TM)

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The following archive features have been changed:

    * "Search" allowing high quality local search across 
      contents of the archive.
    * "Subscribe" allowing subscription to periodic
      announcements about changes to the archive.
    * "Feedback" allowing direct delivery of feedback to
      the curator.
    * "Acknowledgments" and "Changes" to provide better
      record of archive modifications.
    * Various infrastructure changes for integrity

The following archive contents have been changed:

    * Archives of the Core 'Security Mailing List' - a 
      successor to the Zardoz 'Security Digest'.
    * Additions to the Unix 'Security Mailing List' and
      to the Zardoz 'Security Digest'.
    * Refactoring to separate Unix, Zardoz and Core 
    * Addition of a mail archives from DIALCOM X.25 
      security incidents circa. 1988 - 1990.

The archive has now been indexed by major search engines, 
and is serving content on a range of queries.

This is a non-profit project designed to gather a history of 
security related mailing lists, digests and material.

The curator is pursuing and seeks further content and material
for the archive. If you can contribute, please do. All enquiries
will be treated in the strictest confidence (unless authors
state otherwise). 

Many thanks

Curator at The 'Security Digest' Archives (TM)
[email protected]