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The 'Security Digest' Archives (TM) :
December 2002

This is a periodic announcement regarding changes and activities at
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Changes in the period to December 2002.


- Completed documentation of Unix 'Security Mailing List';
    including full copy of digests, reference to related usenet articles, 
    collection of statistics, and descriptive overview with extracts from 
    interview with Lyle McElhaney (creator of the USML). Various 
    interesting facts including the presence of Robert T. Morris on the 
    list, amongst other early pioneers in the field of computer security.
    Available at

- Provided downloadable archives ("tarballs") of digests;
    including tables of contents, signatures and IPR notices.

- Improved navigation and contents structuring;
    including support for help facility, site index, change lists, contact 
    and notices of use. 

- Improved standards compliance and user-agent compatibility;
    including support for W3C PICS, P3P, WAI and testing with range of 
    most frequently used agents.

- Clarification of terms of use and related notices;
    including privacy policy, licenses for use, liabilitise and references
    to notices from various parts of the site.


- Integrate and preserve the 'phage list' thanks to Gene Spafford.

- Analyse and document the Zardoz 'Security Digest' in detail.

- Improved clarification of archive goals / directions;
    including progress on the preservation of material.

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The 'Security Digest' Archives (TM) is a non-profit project dedicated to 
preserving early computer security mailing lists and digests. We welcome
relevant contributions and materials. We would like to preserve this
important material before it is lost to history. 

Curator <[email protected]>
The 'Security Digest' Archives (TM)

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