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These raw materials were used as part of the analysis: for further information please consult the paper.

Category: Index
Description: Index to all available raw data
Contents: 1 item

Sources (9 elements)

TCP/IP Actualarchive (25M)statistics (11)groups (volume) (96)groups (name) (698)
TCP/IP Extendedarchive (40M)statistics (11)groups (volume) (115)groups (name) (704)
TCP/IP Totalarchivestatistics (11)groups (volume) (149)groups (name) (1095)
Network Actualarchivestatistics (11)groups (volume) (313)groups (name) (2918)
Network Totalarchivestatistics (11)groups (volume) (351)groups (name) (3360)
Security Actualarchivestatistics (11)groups (volume) (175)groups (name) (1195)
Security Totalarchivestatistics (11)groups (volume) (406)groups (name) (3885)
Otherarchivestatistics (11)groups (volume) (185)groups (name) (1677)
Allarchivestatistics (11)groups (volume) (449)groups (name) (4596)