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DOCUMENT: Unix 'Security Mailing List' #25 1987-03-11 (1 file, 1730 bytes)
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Date: Wed, 11 Mar 87 07:37:58 mst
Subject: Security Mailing List, # 25

        Admin and new people on the list


Editor's corner.

This note is to inform you of the rebirth of the Unix Security Mailing List.

I am mailing this out to all the members currently on the list, of which
about half are new members.  The purpose of this note is for the other half:
to let you know what's going on.

I, Andrew Burt, have taken over administration of the list from Lyle McElhaney.
He was overworked at his last sight (cisden) and hadn't done anything with the
list for about a year.  He then left the company and couldn't take the list
with him.  I volunteered to take it because I think it's too important a
list to let die like that.

Now, Lyle did say that he hadn't received a true submission during that
year.  I have received a few, and we have a lot of new blood now, so I'm
hoping this paucity of articles changes.  If it dies out, I will officially
terminate the list (but I will let you know when that happens).

I personally think we can come up with some good discussions, so I'd rather not
end on such a sour note.  The recent rash of breakins at Stanford, etc.,
should provide some fodder for a while at least.  Many of the victims are
on this list and can share their experiences.

I recently announced the rebirth of the USML in news.sysadmin, and am
still receiving bags of applications to join.  When things settle down
I will be sending out the first real issue; probably in a week or two.

This note also serves to find out which of the old members' addresses
are no longer valid.

Many old members who saw the posting on the net have asked whether they
have all the old issues or not.  The last issue Lyle sent out was #24
dated around July '85.  If you are missing some let me know and we can
arrange a uucp pickup, etc.  I will call this "issue #25" just so it
has a real id of some sort.  [This is attempt #2 at sending this; the
first one didn't make it past seismo so this one is only going past seismo.
In the meanwhile I have discovered that Lyle only sent out through
#22.5.  As such, I will resend #23 and #24 soon.]

Lastly, just so you have a feel for who I am, allow me to introduce
myself.  I'm a professor in the Math/CS dept. at the University of
Denver.  (NOT to be confused with the University of Colorado at Denver;
you'd be surprised how many people think we're the same.  We're a
private school of some 7,000 students while CU is a state school.)  I
teach the OS courses primarily but also a good sprinkling in the rest
of the areas; current research I'm involved in is OS and AI related.
Additionally I administer most of our departmental research machines (a
Pyramid 90x, some micro-VAXen, bunch of PDP's).  I also do quite a bit
of consulting.  (Busy?  Who, me?)

I was one of the original members of the security mailing list; I know
I enjoyed it as a reader then -- I hope you all enjoy it now.

And let's get those submissions coming in!

Newcomers to the list since last issue:

Too many to list.  I will publish the entire list in the next [new] issue.


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