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DOCUMENT: Zardoz 'Security Digest' V1 #14 1989-03-21 (1 file, 814 bytes)
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Date: Tue, 21 Mar 89 18:27:02 PST
Subject: Security Digest V1 #14

Security Digest Volume 1 Issue 14


            Info about internet Worm solicited


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 89 15:29:00 PST
From: neil (Neil Gorsuch)
Subject: Info about internet Worm solicited

[This was posted on an internet mailing list by Gene Spafford and
is re-posted here with his permission - neil]

As you may have heard, the Justice Dept. is conducting an investigation
of the Morris Worm incident to determine what action to take (although
members of the dept. will not {officially} admit to there being such an

Mr. Mark Rasch, of the Fraud Division @ Justice, would like to hear from
system admins who had machines infected.  In particular, he would like
to hear:
   1) How many machines were affected?
   2) How did you find the Worm?
   3) What did you do to combat it?
   4) Did you suffer any damage to data or machines?
   5) How much personnel time did you lose overall?
   6) Estimates of cost of damages?
   7) Other factors relating to loss or extent.
In addition, I suspect he would be interested in hearing if you would be
willing to testify to the above if the case should come to trial.

He can be reached by phone @ 202 786 4390.  He has also indicated an
interest in knowing if you have direct experience with other instances
of "rogue hacking" by the same individual.


        End of Security Digest Volume 1 Issue 14