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DOCUMENT: Zardoz 'Security Digest' V1 #16 1989-04-04 (1 file, 3155 bytes)
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Date: Tue, 4 Apr 89 14:16:55 PDT
Subject: Security Digest V1 #16

Security Digest Volume 1 Issue 16


            Program on computer Viruses


Date: Tue, 04 Apr 89 13:59:28 EST
From: Gene Spafford <uunet!!spaf>
Subject: Program on computer Viruses

Some of you might be interested in this:

           COMPUTER VIRUSES '89 at the IBM & DEC Users Conference
               May 1-3, 1989 * Hyatt Regency O'Hare * Chicago
                  Sponsored by Computer Security Institute

                              PROGRAM OVERVIEW

Partial list of speakers addressing virus-related topics:

     Eugene H. Spafford, Purdue University, will present an in-depth
          analysis of the Internet worm incident.

     Michael Karels, head of UNIX development at UC Berkeley, will
            discuss how UNIX is meeting the virus challenge.

     Kenneth R. van Wyk, creator of Lehigh University's VIRUS-L bulletin
          board, will talk about lessons learned.

     Richard D. Pethia, Carnegie Mellon University, will describe the
          first DARPA CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), which he

     Davis McCown, prosecutor in the "Texas Virus Trial" which
          convicted Donald Gene Burleson in September 1988, will
          recount the investigation and the trial.

Demonstrations of viruses, hacking, bulletin boards:

     Ross Greenberg, author of FLU_SHOT+, will demo viruses and describe
          PC Magazine's evaluation of 11 anti-virus products.

     Thomas V. Sobczak of Application Configured Computers will
          demonstrate hacking, underground bulletin boards, virus
          behavior, and public domain solutions.

     John McAfee, Computer Virus Industry Association, will demonstrate
          virus and anti-virus programs and present new statistical
          information on viruses.

Information on new security-related products:

     CA-ACF2/VAX and CA-Top Secret/VAX, which can help unify security and
          access control in mixed IBM-DEC shops.

     ClydeSentry, LJK/Security, Secure Pak, and The Security Toolkit,
          for assessing and monitoring security in DEC environments.

Exhibition -- A wide range of computer security products will be
    during this two-day show.

Workshop Orientation -- 42 half-day sessions; attendees choose two
    each day

                             PROGRAM DETAILS


 1. Computer Viruses: Background, Detection,      John McAfee, Computer Virus
    and Recovery                                  Industry Association

 2. Applying Traditional Management Techniques    Roger Shaw,
    to Controlling Computer Viruses               IBM Corp.

 3. Protecting Against Unauthorized System        Albert H. Decker,
    Attacks                                       Coopers & Lybrand

 4. Virus Emergency Response                      Richard Pethia, Software
                                                  Engineering Institute,
                                                  Carnegie Mellon University

 5. Virus-Resistant Networked Unix System         Michael J. Karels, Univ.
                                                  of California, Berkeley

 6. Viruses and Worms--What Can You Do?           Stanley A. Kurzban,
                                                  IBM Corp.

15.  Policies and Procedures for Controlling      John G.  O'Leary,
    the Virus Threat                              Computer Security Institute

16.  A Technical Analysis of the Internet Worm    Eugene H.  Spafford,
    Incident                                      Purdue University

17.  Practical Risk Management Techniques for     Robert V.  Jacobson,
    Controlling Computer Viruses                  International Security
                                                  Technology, Inc.

18.  An Evaluation of Anti-Virus PC Software      Ross M.  Greenberg,
                                                  PC Magazine

19.  Legal & Insurance Issues of Computer         Robert W.  Baker, Jr.,
     Viruses                                      Weinberg and Green

20.  Managing a Virus Awareness Program           Nicholas M.  Elsberg,
                                                  Aetna Life & Casualty

29.  System Attack Demonstrations                 Thomas V.  Sobczak, Ph.D.,
                                                  Application Configured
                                                  Computers (ACC,Inc.)

30.  The Successful Prosecution of Donald Gene    Davis McCown, Tarrant
    Burleson: A Case History                      Cty (TX) Dist Atty's Ofc

31.  Setting the Record Straight on Computer      Robert H.  Courtney, Jr.,
    Viruses                                       RCI

32.  Lessons Learned from Computer Viruses        Kenneth R.  van Wyk,
                                                  Lehigh University

33.  Auditing Techniques for Controlling Viruses  Michael Thayer,
                                                  Price Waterhouse

34.  Computer Viruses and Your Disaster Recovery  Edward S.  Devlin,
    Plan                                          Harris Devlin Associates


 7. Overview of IBM Security                      Curtis L. Symes, IBM Corp.

 8. Using CA-ACF2 to Protect Against Computer     Georgene Piper, Computer
    Viruses                                       Associates International

 9. Controlling Security Risks of Personal        James P. Dwyer, Blue Cross
    Computers                                     Blue Shield of Maryland

10.  Comparing the Security Review Process in     Emily Lonsford,
    IBM and DEC Environments                      The Mitre Corp.

21.  AS/400 Security and Control                  Wayne O.  Evans, IBM Corp.

22.  RACF Overview                                Robert W.  Spitz, IBM Corp.

23.  Network Security for an IBM Environment      William H.  Murray,
                                                  Ernst & Whinney

24.  Introducing CA-ACF2/VAX                      Dan Wilkinson, Computer
                                                  Associates International

35.  Living with DB2 Security                     Martin G.  Hubel,
                                                  The Systems Center

36.  Using CA-Top Secret to Protect Against       Kimberly Bell, Computer
    Computer Viruses                              Associates International

37.  Auditing MVS and VM System Software          F. J.  (Phil) Dolan,
                                                  IBM Corp.

38.  Managing Security in a Large-Scale IBM       John Blackley, Capital
    Environment                                   Holding Corporation


11.  Overview of Digital Security Features and    Steve Bold,
    Products                                      Digital Equipment Corp.

12.  Introduction to VAX/VMS Security             Edward J.  Norris,
                                                  Digital Equipment Corp.

13.  Managing a Comprehensive Security Program    Robert J.  Melford,
    in a DEC Environment                          R.J. Melford Associates

14.  Security for Networked VAX/VMS Systems       Geoff Cooke,
                                                  DEMAC Software

25.  Mapping VAX/VMS and IBM Mainframe Security   Colin C.  Rous, Digital
                                                  Equipment of Canada

26.  Advanced VAX/VMS Security                    Pamela Kelly,
                                                  Digital Equipment Corp.

27.  Security Tools for Safeguarding the DEC      Adolph F.  Cecula, Jr.,
    Environment: A Panel                          Bureau of the Census

28.  Building Applications Security on            Andy Goldstein,
    Operating System Security                     Digital Equipment Corp.

39.  Introducing CA-Top Secret/VAX                Kurt Seibert, Computer
                                                  Associates International

40.  DECnet Security                              Lawrence J.  Kilgallen,
                                                  Software Consultant

41.  The Ethernet Security System                 Jeffrey R.  Sebring,
                                                  Digital Equipment Corp.

42.  A Checklist Approach to Auditing             Pat McGovern,
    VMS Security                                  Bankers Trust Company

For more information, Contact:

                   Van McGuirk    (508) 393-2600
                   Computer Security Institute
                   360 Church Street
                   Northborough, MA 01532


        End of Security Digest Volume 1 Issue 16